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Subdivision design for urban and rural developments from initial concept stage to completion of all development works ready for sale.

Road design
Survey, design and documentation of urban and rural roads, including kerb
  and channel and footpath design.
Water & Sewer Main Construction
Coliban Water: Approved consultant for the survey, design, and construction
  supervision in the Coliban Water area.

Water Main Design
  New water main extensions to serve existing and proposed developments

Sewer Reticulation
  New sewer main extensions to serve existing and proposed developments.
  Pump stations & rising mains

Storm Water
  Storm water design for new developments
Overland flood path analysis and investigation of existing storm water

Project Management;
Preparation of documentation for the construction of various projects which
    Preparation of construction schedules.
    Preparation of financial schedules.
    Calling of tenders.
    On site contract management.
    Authorisation of project payments.

Handover of completed project to client.

Structural Design

Structural design and structural computations prepared for
  Commercial Buildings
  Industrial Buildings
  Residential Buildings
  Floor slabs
  Other Structures

Soil Testing

Site investigation/classification for building sites & Land Capability
  Assessment reports. 

Engineering Reports

Land Capability Assessments
Environmental Management Plans
Structural Report

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